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A Spotlight On: Carhartt WIP Caps

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Hailing from 1994, Carhartt WIP – AKA Carhartt Work In Progress (WIP) – takes classic American workwear and moulds it for more of a lifestyle and streetwear market. With links to a plethora of subcultures – whether that is music or skate scenes – Carhartt WIP was established by Edwin Faeh with a focus of breaking into underground culture.

Offering unisex streetwear fits, Carhartt WIP still lets its workwear roots resonate through its aesthetic and quality, with hardwearing streetwear that is instantly recognisable, especially on its many brand collaborations with the likes of GORE-TEX INFINIUM, Converse, New Balance and Awake NYC. Workwear and streetwear heritage in action, the Carhartt brand dates back to 1855, but it wasn’t till the early 1990s that it expanded into American subculture and beyond.

One of its – literally – crowning items is the Carhartt WIP Cap. Deserving a place in any rotation, this item defies time, and it fits in anywhere. Why? Versatility. The 5-panel square label cap stands as one of the most iconic of all time, often acting as the first item that someone notices, hence its utterly important place in streetwear. These robust caps aren’t just meant for sunny days either, the brand’s nature of providing assured quality and function mean that they offer a service throughout the seasons with thicker options like the corduroy Carhartt WIP Harlem Cap. While, for the aristocrats, they make plenty of unique graphic options and graffiti-inspired branding.

Anyway, that’s enough rambling from us, here are some of our favourites on our site currently…

Carhartt WIP Blush Cap

First up, the Carhartt WIP Blush Cap. This cherry-adorned gem will be plucked out of your rotations again, and again. Put together with soft cotton fabric, this one has an adjustable strap and a classic curved brim.

Carhartt WIP Locker Cap

The Carhartt WIP Locker Cap really encapsulates what branded headwear is all about. Featuring bulked-up branding to the front, this cotton-made item keeps things simple; keeps things Carhartt.

Carhartt WIP Harlem Cap

Add some corduroy goodness to your rotations with the Carhartt WIP Harlem Cap. With a 6-panel construction and premium deep corduroy, this classic cap features with a simple ‘C’ logo, reinstating heritage.

Carhartt WIP Marlin Cap

The Carhartt WIP Marlin Cap helps you achieve your summer trawlerman look. Featuring a retro fish print to the front with classic bold branding, this one delivers Carhartt WIP’s unique approach to design.

Carhartt WIP Logo Cap

Signing off with the classic Carhartt WIP Logo Cap. The piece is crested with the authentic Square Label logo dead centre on the front of the cap. 6-panelled with a flat brim, this clean bit of headwear shows no one quite does it like Carhartt WIP.

Shop more Carhartt WIP Caps today.

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