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Clarks Originals Wallabee ‘Glastonbury’ – ?exclusive | launches 16.06.2023

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Glastonbury is a place known globally for its festival, but 7 mins down the road is a place called Street – the home of Clarks Originals. An area full of magic and mystery, we wanted to capture the mythical origins of Clarks Originals on the timeless Wallabee silhouette.

Now, we know where Clarks came from, but where did the Wallabee’s story begin? This moccasin-inspired boot first landed in the ‘60s with a crepe sole that was developed in the decade prior. This striking style become a mainstay in rotations around the world; everywhere from ‘90s hip-hop circles in NYC to Britpop groups and acid house venues in Manchester where trainers weren’t allowed. We can’t leave out the shoe’s connection to Jamaican culture, with the shoe being part of the uniform for rudeboys – synonymous with the word in fact.

In the 2010s, Clarks often celebrated many of these subcultural connections. For example, the brand’s collaborations with MF DOOM, Nas, Supreme and Wu-Tang Clan showcases a brand that loves to celebrate its heritage.

Onto our own pair now, we are going back to the shoe’s roots, before it entered scenes around the globe. This pair opt for a versatile, rich green exterior, reminiscent of the grassy hills of Somerset. Furry suede combines with a patterned floral toe box that boasts a subtle bit of psychedelia. Lace tags jump from classic Clarks Originals to pops of colourful flowers, bringing a prism of colour to the mix, while rubber crepe soles deliver that authentic touch underfoot. 

The Clarks Originals Wallabee ‘Glastonbury’ – ?exclusive is out on 16.06.2023.

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