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Crocs All-Terrain Atlas with Hiking Patrol

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It’s widely known that Crocs produce some of the comfiest footwear in the entire footwear game. Classic styles like the Classic Clog have cemented the label’s position as the go-to supplier of foamy silhouettes, which prove just as effective on city pavements as in laid-back indoor settings, sandy beaches, poolside locations… the list goes on.

As of late, the Colorado-based label has been showcasing its versatility with a slew of robust silhouettes suited for even those more challenging outdoor settings; and two such silhouettes are the All-Terrain Atlas Clog and All-Terrain Atlas Shoe.

Crocs All-Terrain Atlas

The All-Terrain Atlas Shoe is Crocs very first foray into closed-heel footwear, so you’d be right in thinking that it’s quite a landmark shoe. The outdoor influences are immediately clear in both Croslite-made silhouettes, with rugged Crocs MTN outsoles inspired by Colorado’s Rocky Mountains to bring you that added sticky traction as you embark on your next escapade.

Crocs All-Terrain Atlas Shoe

The All-Terrain Atlas Shoe comes with an additional strap with magnetic closures so you can achieve the perfect, locked in feel as you traverse different terrains, while the All-Terrain Atlas Clog comes equipped by with a comfy nylon back strap which is fully removable – for when you do opt for those more leisurely strolls.

Crocs All-Terrain Atlas Clog

The All-Terrain Atlas Shoe was recently recognised by Hiking Patrol; the brand dedicated to outdoor and lifestyle culture and attire, from footwear to clothing and accessories. Never taking its finger off the pulse, Hiking Patrol is a hub which puts the spotlight on every silhouette you should know about when it comes to outdoor exploration. With a real knack for identifying shoes that are set to make an impact on trails and pavements alike, we caught up with Hiking Patrol to get their thoughts on the Crocs All-Terrain Atlas, and the importance of that indoor-outdoor balance.

How did the idea for Hiking Patrol first come about?

The idea for Hiking Patrol came about from a personal passion for both lifestyle and outdoor exploration, combined with a recognition of a gap in the market for a brand that blended these two concepts in a unique and engaging way. Since its launch in 2019, Hiking Patrol has quickly gained a reputation as a dynamic and innovative player in the lifestyle and outdoor space, with a curated digital platform that emphasizes social engagement and experiences.

What’s the importance of balancing day-to-day life with outdoor exploration?

Finding a balance between day-to-day responsibilities and outdoor exploration can be incredibly beneficial for individuals. The advantages of spending time in nature are numerous, with the most significant being the ability to reduce stress and improve overall mental and physical well-being. There is ample evidence to suggest that spending time in green spaces can reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, and fatigue, while improving mood and cognitive function.

What benefits have you seen from hiking and generally being outdoors?

Apart from the physical health benefits that outdoor activities like hiking offer, there are also many psychological and emotional advantages. Spending time in nature can help people feel more connected to the natural world, which in turn can lead to greater respect and care for the environment. This can inspire people to adopt more sustainable behaviors and work towards protecting and preserving natural resources. Additionally, being outdoors can offer a sense of peace and tranquility that can be difficult to find in our fast-paced and often stressful modern world. The beauty and serenity of nature can help people to slow down, reflect, and connect with their inner selves. This can be especially important for people living in urban areas who may not have access to green spaces or who may feel disconnected from nature.

What makes the ideal hiking and lifestyle silhouette?

When it comes to outdoor activities, having the right clothing and gear can make a big difference in terms of comfort and performance. The right footwear is also essential, with proper support and traction for different terrains. Ultimately, the ideal hiking and lifestyle silhouette can vary from person to person, depending on their individual needs and preferences. Finding the right combination of comfort, functionality, and style is key to enjoying outdoor activities to the fullest.

What do you make of Crocs’ new, more outdoor-ready styles like the All-Terrain Atlas?

Crocs’ move to create more outdoor-ready styles like the All-Terrain Atlas indicates an awareness of the increasing popularity of outdoor activities and the demand for practical and comfortable footwear suitable for such activities. The new designs have enhanced traction, durable materials, and water-resistant features, making them suitable for hiking and other outdoor pursuits. Crocs’ decision to venture into the outdoor market may also attract customers who prioritize both comfort and functionality in their footwear choices.

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Crocs All-Terrain Atlas

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