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Elite RB X Recumbent Bike give customers what they want with FTMS Bluetooth

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Enjoy best of both worlds with better workout display using customers’ own devices and without subscription fees

The “3G” in the 3G Cardio name represents the three fundamental pillars the Arizona-based fitness company adheres to: “Great Products, Great Value, and Great Service.”

The new and improved 3G Cardio Elite RB X Recumbent Bike is an example of 3G Cardio’s commitment to those core values.

Our Arizona-based 3G Cardio company has listened to our customers’ needs since opening in 2004 and the 3G Cardio Elite RB X Recumbent Bike is a culmination of giving customers what they want and innovative engineering.

The 3G Cardio Elite RB X Recumbent Bike gives customers the best of both worlds by equipping our bikes with FTMS (Fitness Machine Service) Bluetooth and at the same time allowing them to ditch the required monthly subscription fees that come with recumbent bikes manufactured by many competitors.

3G Cardio puts the investment into better parts and a better bike, not fancy bells and whistles like the competitors.

We leave it up to customers to decide how complex they want to get with fitness apps and make it easy to do so because every 3G Cardio Elite RB X Recumbent Bike has FTMS.

Our 3G Cardio customers like simple and our built-in electronics board stays simple – nothing changes on it.

Our customers don’t need or want to add any more monthly subscription fees, or be hassled through emails, texts or phone calls (ugghh!) to get an online fitness membership.

They don’t want to sign into their recumbent bike and log in to do updates. They have everything already they want.

Pair your existing tablet with the upper display on the 3G Cardio Elite RB X Recumbent Bike.

Our customers will not have to “re-purchase” technology, which they already own. And, once these imbedded screens on competitors equipment fails, the bike will be worthless. The imbedded screens are nowhere close to the reliability of our LED style display.

Why doesn’t every fitness manufacture use FTMS? Simple, they want your membership money every month!

Bluetooth® FTMS is the language of fitness equipment

For the fitness equipment industry, the common language is called FTMS.

FTMS stands for Fitness Machine Service and it’s quickly becoming the gold standard for fitness apps.

Depending on what you want to get out of fitness and what your preferences are for how you work out, there will be an opportunity for FTMS technology to help elevate your workout if you own equipment with Bluetooth FTMS technology, like the 3G Elite RB X Recumbent Bike.

With FTMS, you’re able to make your workouts more social, more engaging and if you choose, more competitive. There are many great fitness apps out there such as Zwift, Kinomap and many others that take advantage of this technology to help deliver a fun and more motivating workout experience.

If you enjoy exercising socially and struggle to work out in your own home, connecting your equipment with one of these apps lets you engage with others in real time, sharing in your struggles and successes along the way, all from your own home. For the competitors, being able to get onto your machine and fire up a race against friends and strangers around the globe can be a huge motivator.

One of the additional benefits of these apps and Bluetooth technology driving it, is that there are constant improvements and updates to help keep your workouts engaging and exciting.

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