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How to lose weight while breastfeeding: 8 Easy Steps

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In addition to being fantastic for your kid, breastfeeding typically has the added benefit of helping you burn a few extra calories, which can aid in losing any excess pregnancy weight you may have picked up. 

I think it should be done with attention and discretion if you are attempting weight loss while nursing. However, you can support your postpartum weight loss by eating the correct meals, exercising, and caring for yourself. Many new mothers wonder how to lose weight while breastfeeding, aiming to shed post-pregnancy pounds without compromising their baby’s nutrition.

Losing weight while breastfeeding requires a balanced approach that combines a healthy diet and regular exercise, all while ensuring your baby receives adequate nutrients from your breast milk.

Furthermore, let’s learn more ways to lose weight during this period safely.

Does breastfeeding result in weight loss?

Some women find that breastfeeding makes losing the extra baby weight easier or effortless. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy for everyone else. Around 500–700 calories are expended per day while breastfeeding. Indeed, one study found that moms who breastfed for at least six months had a weight retention of roughly 0.5 kg after three years compared to mothers who never breastfed, who had a retention of 4.8 kg. 

While this may help you lose weight more quickly than if you weren’t breastfeeding, for many women, other factors may impact how quickly you lose weight after giving birth.

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How can someone who is breastfeeding safely lose weight?

I’d appreciate it if you could speak with your doctor before adjusting to your routine to lose weight quickly while nursing is crucial. Every postpartum experience is unique, just like every pregnancy, so what works for one woman may not be secure or efficient for another. There is no set period for weight loss, but six to twelve months may be suitable to strive to get back to pre-pregnancy weight.

Here are some straightforward actions that the majority of mothers may do to reduce weight while nursing their child safely:

1. Every day, consume at least 8 cups of water

Whether you’re attempting to lose weight or not, one of the best things you can do for your body’s overall health is to drink lots of water daily. And it’s crucial for nursing mothers in particular.

Your body naturally loses excess weight when you drink water because:

  • Helps maintain normal bodily processes like digestion, blood flow, body temperature control, nutrient transfer, and milk production.

  • Helps keep your body free of toxins and supports your kidneys.

  • Prolongs your feeling of fullness and helps you avoid overeating.

  • Keep your muscles active at total capacity.

  • Forms a shield against the sun’s damaging UV rays and other environmental contaminants by combining with the oil on your skin.

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2. Eat a balanced diet to shed pounds while nursing

What you eat and drink may be the most important thing to think about when trying to lose baby weight. It’s preferable to consume a range of nutritious foods that will provide you energy and help you feel full for longer while encouraging your milk production rather than calculating calories or placing less food on your plate. Diet alone can help you lose fat, but it won’t make you more physically fit.

When a mother is hungry and exhausted, reaching for junk food like chips or cookies may seem like a quick, simple solution. However, choosing healthier options can significantly impact your long-term weight loss quest.

Here are some wholesome choices to help you lose weight and maintain a sufficient supply of milk:

  • Lean protein: Fish, nuts, and meat can satisfy you while promoting muscle growth and tissue repair.

  • Fruits, vegetables, and grains: Leafy greens, quinoa, and citrus fruits are just a few options rich in vitamins and nutrients that can boost your energy, promote a strong immune system, and assist in maintaining a healthy weight.

  • Starches: Whole-grain pasta, beans, and potatoes can provide you with the energy you need to care for your newborn.

  • Choose healthy fats like olive oil, avocados, eggs, and cheese. 

3. Engage in Moderate Exercise

Keeping your diet under control is only half the battle. Additionally, you’ll need to exercise to reduce weight while nursing. Exercise has been demonstrated to lower stress, enhance circulation, increase physical strength, and enhance mental health. But isn’t exercising nearly impossible while nursing and caring for your infant?

We frequently visualize ourselves going to the gym or sprinting large distances when we think of exercising. However, those tasks may be impossible when the baby is nursing.

It would help if you held off starting or renewing a strenuous exercise program for at least six to eight weeks. Be careful because extreme activity and dieting can affect your body’s capacity to make nutritious milk.

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4. Sleep as much as you can

Sleep is just as important for postpartum weight loss as exercise and diet, but it can be challenging to get enough sleep while nursing a baby. Sleep, however, cannot be emphasized enough.

Why? Because your body heals and returns to a healthier state while you sleep. How your body gets better when you sleep is as follows:

  • If stressors during the day cause an increase in blood pressure, it returns to normal afterward.

  • Muscles unwind.

  • Muscles and organs receive more blood.

  • Release of growth hormone.

  • Heart rate and breathing level off and become more regular.

And that’s only the very beginning of a healthy lifestyle. A lack of sleep has been associated with weight increase. To make matters worse, hungry, exhausted new mothers frequently turn to simple carbohydrates to sate their appetites, leading to weight increase (rather than weight loss).

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5. Regularly breastfeed

Feeding on demand is OK. Although it could feel that your child is getting too much, they are aware of their needs. Keep in mind that nursing truly burns calories. Therefore, if you breastfeed as needed throughout the day, you will burn even more calories.

You will lose weight if you begin to exercise more. Your body must understand that even though some fat reserves are vanishing, milk production must continue.

This is why it’s a terrific idea to put nursing on demand or more regularly into practice while working out.

6. Take extra meals

Although eating more regularly when trying to lose weight may seem counterproductive, doing so can help you while you’re still nursing. It can slow your metabolism, make you feel more tired, and stop your weight loss completely if you skip meals or only eat three meals daily. 

You may sustain steady weight loss, keep your energy levels high, and encourage your metabolism to stay active by eating a healthy snack twice daily in between meals, such as cheese, fruit, or almonds.

7. Avoid eating these things while nursing

Going on a rigid diet while breastfeeding is generally not the healthiest postpartum weight loss strategy, but if new mothers want to look and feel their best, it can be helpful to avoid specific items. These consist of:

  • Coke, cookies, and ice cream are sugary foods that might aggravate inflammation.

  • Snacks like chips and crackers that don’t fill you up have few nutrients and are high in empty calories.

  • Alcohol, if consumed in excess, can harm your baby’s development.

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8. Don’t be too hard on yourself

You should not expect your body to recover quickly because you did not grow your baby overnight. Giving yourself the time you need to recover from childbirth, get used to your new routine with a baby, and gradually shed the weight you put on during pregnancy can be challenging, but doing so is crucial for your mental and general well-being. Don’t wait to take action to lessen stress and make the most of your postpartum period in light of this. 


New mothers typically want to shed pounds rapidly after giving birth, but your and your child’s health should come first. Eating nutrient-rich meals frequently throughout the day, drinking lots of water, remaining active with modest exercise, getting enough sleep, and being patient with the process are the best ways to lose weight safely and successfully while breastfeeding.

Consult your doctor if you have concerns about your ability to lose weight quickly or doubts about the best weight reduction strategies.

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