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Joint Health & Strength Training with Orthopedist Dr. Carter

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Ray talks with Dr. Carter about the common misunderstanding that lifting weights can destroy bones, the relative safety of lifting compared to various other sports, and the importance of maintaining a positive outlook.

  • 01:14 Does lifting destroy bones?
  • 2:52 Stress recovery adaptation applies to the whole body system
  • 07:30 Lifting weights is safer than soccer
  • 11:04 Muscle as a protective mechanism
  • 15:32 Flexibility isn’t something to pursue
  • 20:08 Where’s the medical field in understanding this stuff?
  • 23:54 Arrogance of man drives progress and issues
  • 24:59 There is more to existence than you can see and observe
  • 31:21 Science is God
  • 34:10 Volume vs. intensity
  • 38:09 Heavy and stronger is better cardio
  • 40:47 Joey’s training journey and PRs
  • 52:23 Don’t coach your spouse
  • 53:37 Having strength as you age is important
  • 59:41 Optimism – back to the incline
  • 1:00:31 How to improve soft tissue with a nonsurgical intervention
  • 1:07:33 Gulf Orthopedics

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