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Mom, Coach, 300 lb Deadlifter – Andrea Mates

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SSC from SS Austin, Andrea Mates, joins Ray on the podcast to discuss Andrea’s career change from teaching to coaching, why strength is essential for motherhood, body image, body composition, and her two pregnancies: one from before she started training and her most recent pregnancy as a strength trainee.

  • 02:34 – Why Andrea became a Starting Strength Coach
  • 10:01 – Profound changes in quality of life
  • 15:56 – Premenopausal women struggling with bodyweight issues
  • 20:05 – What makes up body composition?
  • 23:10 – Misconception of the number on the scale
  • 37:13 – Andrea’s starting numbers and current PRs
  • 42:07 – Pregnancy while being strong
  • 50:34 – The baby is the PR
  • 52:35 – Attracting more people to the apprenticeship program

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