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Professional Tips To Make Sure Your Sports Bra Fits Properly

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Wearing a correctly fitting sports bra is one of the most important things a woman can ensure when exercising.

An ill-fitting sports bra can sometimes hinder your performance – no one wants a sports bra that doesn’t provide the right amount of support! Wearing a sports bra too loose can lead to excess breast movement (especially for those who favour HIIT workouts!) and too tight can result in chafing and sometimes prevents proper breathing.

It is important to find a sports bra that suits you. This includes locating the right type for your preferred form of exercise, replacing the product regularly to ensure it is giving the maximum amount of support and of course, making sure it fits correctly.

With Tikiboo’s sports bra products making their mark in the industry, we thought we’d summarise below some of our top tips to ensure your sports bra fits properly.


There are two main types of sports bras; encapsulation and compression. Tikiboo stock a wide range of compression bras which feature a whole host of different patterns and designs. Look at the descriptions of each bra to see which activity type it is suitable for and whether either design provide you with the correct amount of support you require.


Whether you are buying a sports bra in a store or online, you can always use size guides on either the labels or the website. Tikiboo have a size guide which you can use to ensure you order the correct sports bra size. Consider what size you are usually in high street stores while also bearing in mind your chest size. The sizing is slightly different for either a razor-back or a cross-back bra, so after you have decided which is best for you, look at the sizing guide for your chosen one.


You can start by checking the under band of your bra. This should fit firmly around your chest, staying level all the way around. If you find it affects your breathing, then it is too tight! If when you raise your arms, it rises, then it is too big.

The shoulder straps should aid the support of your breasts, but not be the primary source of support. If the shoulder straps feel like they are so tight they are digging into your shoulders, or are the main thing holding everything together; then the sports bra does not fit correctly. A good check for this is to see if you can fit two fingers between the strap and the shoulder.

Don’t be afraid to test out the sports bra too – you might look a little funny running up and down the changing rooms / your living room, but this will ensure you have put the sports bra through its paces.

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