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January 01, 2024

Blank Slate Edition

On Starting Strength

  • Chester’s Chicken, Reading Fiction, and A.I. Taking Over –
    Rip answers questions live from Starting Strength Network subscribers and fans.

  • Squats and Hills by Jim Steel –
    Bobby had just finished up his junior year of high school, and he was looking forward to summer. For most kids Bobby’s age…

  • Optimize Your Driving Position –
    Will Morris demonstrates how to optimize driving position for people who spend a lot of time in the car.

  • Hook grip vs. Straps by stef bradford –
    All sorts of things show cycles of popularity and trends, from hairstyles, slang, avocado toast, and even Pantone’s color of the year…

  • Stuck Using Non-Standard Plates? –
    Starting Strength Coach Zohar Yermiyahu shows you a couple of methods for adjusting the height of the bar for the deadlift if standard 45 cm plates are not an option.
  • Weekend Archives:

    Training in Cold Weather by Bill Starr –
    The colder months, from late fall through the winter and into early spring, are the very best times to get stronger…
  • Weekend Archives:

    New Year’s Resolutions and Your Lazy Ass by Mark Rippetoe –
    The “New Year’s Resolution” must be one of the most ridiculous of human customs. You identify a problem you’re having, and then you wait until January 1…

In the Trenches

adam kacius coaches his wife at the start of her deadlift
Adam Kacius coaches his wife’s heavy deadlift at Starting Strength Indianapolis. Get your pulls coached at the January Deadlift & Clean Training Camp at the gym with SSC Andrew Lewis. [photo courtesy of Andrew Lewis]
hemath at the bottom of a squat during a pr set of five
SS Boston member Hemanth sets a new squat PR of 250# for 5 reps. [photo courtesy of Stephen Babbitt]
group picture of inna koppel gena dudek and steve dudek after a training session
Online trainees Gena and Steve Dudek (Steve trains with Nick D’Agostino) dropped by to have their squat and deadlift technique checked by Inna Koppel and assistant coach Walden. To schedule your form-check with Walden: sign up here. [photo courtesy of Caleb Koppel]
one of santa's elves training at starting strength boston on christmas eve
One of Santa’s elves getting a workout in at Starting Strength Boston before their big night on Christmas Eve. [photo courtesy of Stephen Babbitt]

Get Involved

Best of the Week

Acetone for cleaning

Jason Donaldson

Rip, if I remember correctly, you’ve mentioned using acetone in the gym as a cleaner and sanitizer, vs. isopropyl alcohol or similar. I’m curious about the whys and the hows behind this.

I know you’ve done a handful of videos on oiling barbells and such, but maybe an organized series of short reference videos on various routine and preventive maintenance for gym and personal equipment would be interesting.

Mark Rippetoe

I haven’t cleaned or sanitized anything in my gym except the toilets since April of 2020.

Best of the Forum

Using real name

Barry Charles

Coach, do you notice a difference in the quality of post from those who use their full name and those that don’t? I’m talking about defensible arguments versus random inventions.

I realize there are personal reasons not to use your name and that’s fine. I’m more concerned with separating opinion from fact or educated opinion. I very much enjoy debate but insist there are +points for people like you that use their name, identity, and established professional experience.

Any thoughts?

Mark Rippetoe

I haven’t noticed that. I’m sure you’ll agree that Satch and anticausal are among the most productive members of the board, for example. Now, if somebody signs up as “MonkeyVomit” I just delete the account.

Barry Charles

I agree they are prolific. I’m not convinced of any particular wisdom.

Mark Rippetoe

What’s wrong, Barry?

Barry Charles

I enjoyed the free format of E&P but respect why you didn’t. The COVID thread has been very informative but seems to increasingly be an expression of bitterness of the disgruntled rather than thoughtful observations.

The recent FBI tragedy is a good example. How would anyone know, especially at this point, whether it was justified killing or not?

Otherwise I’m good and I’ll carry on just fine!

Mark Rippetoe

The FBI killed a 5’4″ 300lb 75-year-old unhealthy man who said nasty things on the internet. Do you believe they will tell you the truth about this shooting? What have they done recently to retain your respect?

E&P was unmoderated, all threads on my board are. You don’t know what I delete, but you see what I want you to see.

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